Preserving in the Freezer

Latest Update 12th May 2015.

Only harvest the best quality produce for freezing.
Peas and broad beans.

Shell before blanching in boiling water for 2 minutes, and transfer them immediately to clean cold water.  Remove from the cold water when they are cool, and dry them in a clean colander.  Transfer them into a sealable plastic bag excluding as much air as possible.  Avoid any contamination during this process.  Pack the full bags into a freezer, where they will be preserved for at least 12 months.
Climbing and bush beans.
These beans are usually preserved in their pods when they are young but fully formed.  Leave the pods intact, but trim off the stalks.  If you grow stringless varieties, the pods can be left to mature (but still green) and then cut into pieces about 25mm long (so they can be tightly packed).  Once the beans have been prepared, blanch them in boiling water for 2 minutes, dry them and pack them in zip bags in the freezer (as above).