Pickling Olives

Latest Update 9th April 2016.

Although pollination issues reduced my Olive tree's yield this year, I usually get a good harvest with enough to fill several quart size mason jars with pickled olives.  This year I only gathered enough to fill 2 jars.  I must set up a hive to ensure there are enough bees around in future.  For those fortunate enough to harvest a large crop, scale up the process by using food quality plastic buckets instead of preserving jars.

First make up some brine using 60g of rocksalt per litre of water.  Cut the olives down two opposing sides through to the kernel with a sharp knife and pack them into preserving jars.  Fill the jars with brine until all the olives are covered, and replace the brine every day for 10 days.  A label on each jar helps keep track of this process.

After the last replacement, the olives should be tested for taste.  If they are still too bitter, replace the brine every 7 days until you are happy.  Replace the brine one last time and, if you wish, add flavouring to suite your taste:-  Grated garlic, basil, oregano, chopped onion, red capsicum, lemon juice, or any combination will work well. 

Replace the top 5mm of liquid with olive oil ( to protect the olives) and seal the jar.  You can keep olives stored this way in a cool cupboard for at least 12 months before use, or you can use them right away.